Join us to rescue and transform the lives of vulnerable children & women

Our Causes

Improve Well-Being of Children & Women at risk

Due to poverty, death of a parent, instability of parents’ relationship and parent in poor health,
1 in 10 children are living in extremely vulnerable circumstances.

Give a Child Home, Food & Schooling

RN Child Care Center is a project to support children in need. RN provides shelter, food, clothes, education, school supplies & medical treatment to needy children.

Empower and Educate less fortunate Youth

RN works with young girls and boys to break the cycle of poverty, child abuse & labor and make them to live dignified life. Our Youth Development project provides scholarships for college education.

Help Children to prevent the risk of Child Sexual Abuse

RN conducts life skill education in schools, communities, institutions with boys and girls from 1st std to 12th std to provide them with knowledge and skills to prevent instances of CSA as well as to seek support when such an incident occurs.

Skill Training for poor children & women

RN is dedicated to provide skill training in computer, typing and tailoring for poor children and women to make them self reliant and self dependent.

The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer

- Mahatma Gandhi

Strategic Plan 2019-2029

Over the Next Ten Years we are aiming to see the charity grow in size and in effectiveness as a provider of Social Service of highest calibre. Through Child Care Institution, After Care, Community Center, Adoption Center & Residential School.







Life Stories

Your Donation Changes Lives Born to poverty/mishap but you are helping a child to end up in success.

Children's life


Use your talents & time for and on behalf of vulnerable children and women



The news about recent activities for needed peoples.


All children were really enjoyed traveling by AC bus and staying in AC Dormitory and specially whole day in Wonderla and Marine drive by Cruise and visiting Island and Metro ride and at Lulu Mall. It was unforgettable and cherishing moments for all children.

Christmas Program

Children were happy to wear new dress and enjoyed Mutton Biryani with Ice Cream. Purchased new dress for all Bethany CCI & RN After Care Children and provided nice dinner. Children done some dance program.

College Education Sponsorship

Roshni Nilaya runs After Care Program for children/youth without family who leave Children’s Home after they attain 18 years of age. We are devoted to make them self reliant by providing college/technical education, shelter, food and stipend. Our parental care and support is extended until they get employment. At present, we help 4 girls through […]


We envision a society where all vulnerable children and women are empowered and
treated with respect and dignity.


Roshni Nilaya demonstrates its commitment to being a transparent & accountable organization by joining Guide Star India.